Cocktail Reception With Jon Medved, CEO Of OurCrowd

Capital Investment Network welcomed Jon Medved, to present about his thriving and victorious crowdfunding company at Victoria’s historic Hotel Rialto.

Medved is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He currently is the founder and CEO of OurCrowd, an equity-crowdfunding platform for accredited investors and angels focused on investing in Israeli and global startups

This intimate presentation was a treat for all who attended and gave valuable market understanding both in a general sense and also directly pertaining to the OurCrowd platform.

A brief overview of OurCrowd as summarized on

OurCrowd was started in 2013, driven by the idea that the business of building startups grows bigger and better when the global ‘crowd’ gains access to VC-level investment opportunities.

Today, OurCrowd is a leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups, led by serial entrepreneur Jon Medved and run by a team of seasoned investment professionals.

Offering unprecedented access to startup investing, individual investors through OurCrowd are fueling innovations that change the way people work, travel, shop, heal, and conduct business. OurCrowd investors participate in these opportunities alongside VCs and institutional co-investors, at the same terms.

The presentation started with an overview of Israel’s large involvement in the tech industry which was especially remarkable based on its small geographical size. I was surprised to learn that Israel ranks #3 in the world for AI startup companies.

Medved highlighted some notable takeaways about Israel’s tech involvement and about the Israeli culture relating to business that included:

  • Israel is home to 10% of the worlds unicorns. (A unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion.)
  • Israel is a creative hub for many different kinds of tech. Some of which include food tech, motorized tech, and travel tech.
  • Israel is hyper focused on sustainability. They recycle 85% of their water and are world leaders in desalination practices.

Medved also touched upon why the Isaeli people are so hardworking and have become industry leaders:

The compulsory military service provides structure and values to Israeli’s young adults and the large University they are required to attend benefits the country by highly educating its citizens. This, as well as the surrounding political unrest, also lends to the Israeli cultural tendency toward risk taking and living life to the fullest. They choose to focus on the future and aren’t afraid to take chances. These principles are reflected in the high birthrate and the vast number of new businesses started in Israel.

Medved then dove into some of OurCrowd’s key principles, which the company holds fast to, and are tied to their booming success:

  • Managing investments all the way through by reporting to investors and sitting on the board
  • Writing a single check to help avoid unnecessarily complicating things
  • Always being smart with business strategy
  • Being able to access more funds as and if needed
  • Having wide range access to customers
  • The ability gain company exposure by airing to the press
  • Proactively looking for deals globally

The engaging and informative presentation wrapped up with questions from the audience and an exclusive networking reception at Veneto’s sleek cocktail bar.

Many thanks to Jon Medved and David Shore for making the journey over to share their insights about OurCrowd’s prosperous platform and thanks to all who attended as well as the CIN organizers.

For more information about OurCrowd and how to participate as an investor please visit