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Care2Talk revolutionizes the way seniors connect with their healthcare providers and loved ones by delivering an accessible and intuitive communication and health platform.

Intlabs offers secure and intelligent decision-making solutions to empower businesses, governments, and intelligence organizations to leverage complex data for informed decisions.

Joni is an organic period care company that passionately provides innovative and eco-friendly products using sustainable materials, ensuring superior protection.

LetHubis an intelligent leasing automation software that automates communication between prospective renters and property managers, revolutionizing the leasing process.

Open Ocean Robotics is a marine robotics and software company that provides autonomous data collection and analytics as a subscription and service.

Pivott, a software platform, automates property managers’ tasks, simplifying interactions with vendors, suppliers, and contractors to save time and resources.

Qase is a user-friendly platform that seamlessly connects individuals with experienced lawyers, enabling them to conveniently access online assistance for their everyday legal issues.

Signalytic is a comprehensive one-stop shop for healthcare systems in developing countries to digitize, connect, and transform healthcare delivery.

Simbi is an online reading platform that motivates young children to read by providing them with opportunities to read alongside narrators and narrate stories.

Solaires is developing solar cells made from perovskite, which can revolutionize the way the sun’s energy is converted into electricity and broaden the possible applications for solar technology.

Tuktu is an on-demand service that connects aging adults with their loved ones or neighbours, offering lifestyle support such as grocery runs, household fixes, companionship, and dog walks.

VINN is a cutting-edge automotive e-commerce platform that empowers consumers to seamlessly search for and purchase vehicles online, revolutionizing the car-buying experience.

Voxcell BioInnovation provides an extraordinary line of human-like tissue solutions for the drug development industry and the field of Oncology research by creating 3D vascularized cancer tissue models.

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