Victoria Tech Companies Dazzle Western Angel Summit

The Victoria tech sector put on quite a show at the 2022 Western Angel Investment Summit.

Victoria, BC – Last Friday, April 8th, the Victoria tech sector put on quite a show at the 2022 Western Angel investment Summit. The sold out two-day event featured networking, keynotes, panels and pitches. The Oak Bay Beach Hotel was packed with investors on-hand to learn more about some of BC’s most promising startups.

Before the company pitches, local leaders from some of Victoria’s most exciting tech firms including Caleb Bernabe (Co-Founder and CEO of VINN), Juan Orrego (Co-Founder and CEO of Cuboh) and Jim Balcom (COO of Redlen Technologies) were joined by Vancouver’s Rachel Chase (Co-Founder and CEO of Zennea Technologies) were featured as the “Return of the Titans” panel. All four companies pitched at previous summits and were on hand to share what has happened since and how Angel investors helped.

Following a morning of panels and keynotes, the event moved on to spotlighting technology startups currently seeking investment. Victoria was well represented making five of the seven pitching companies including:

  • Nyoka Design Labs – Chosen by the audience as Most Promising Pitch, they are on track to replace all throwaway, single-use, toxic, plastic lighting with sustainable alternatives, starting with the billion glow sticks made annually.
  • Swede – Simplifying the daunting process of planning a kitchen renovation by eliminating the time-consuming and costly inconveniences of the traditional retail shopping experience.
  • Voxcell BioInnovation – Providing an extraordinary line of human-like tissue solutions for the drug development industry and the field of Oncology research by creating 3D vascularized cancer tissue models. Their 3D Bioprinter uses a state of the art laser with a process that crosslinks bioink with extreme precision, producing incredible high resolution 3D bioprinted tissues. Combined with their proprietary software, they are able to print tissues with vasculature for more meaningful in vitro testing.
  • Signalytic – Their 4IR Technology is built to digitize and connect rural and remote Health Facilities across both the Global South and Global North, with an initial live pilot in Uganda Africa. Together with their partners, they are successfully providing reliable access to digital services to those who have never had them before.
  • Frontly – a no-code software development platform that makes building user interfaces 20x faster. Using Frontly, companies can save months of time and $100k in salaries compared to building a custom solution.

Kudos to all the local presenters that did our community proud and to the organizing team from Capital Investment Network and the Angel Forum including Stephanie Andrew, James DeGreef, Nagma Dhillon, Irene Dorsman and Pieter Dorsman.

VIATEC was proud once again to be a supporter and we look forward to the next one.


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